June Melby
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Hello, hello!

Thanks for signing up for my Occasional (and Occasionally Funny) Newsletter!  I really do appreciate it.  It means a lot to me to have friends and supporters out there--honestly, being a writer without this kind of support would be impossible.

So, thank you again.  And look for a newsletter to reach you in the next month or so...   (you know, at about the pace my cat walks into the house in the evening when we are going to bed... that is, at an admittedly slow pace. A bit of moist tunafish helps entice him, but it doesn't always work for me).  Let's be honest, I don't really get these out once a month, but I do aim for once a month. And I do aim to make them funny, when possible. Because... well, who doesn't love a bit of funny now and then?

Meanwhile, you can also see what's up by checking my website events calendar.  Thanks again!

Cheers, and welcome,
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